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Founded in 2001, Eesti Metsnik OÜ is one of the largest timber suppliers in Estonia for many Europe based forest industry groups.
Success of the company has come from our committed and hard-working team of people, our responsible business decisions and our loyalty in business relations.
Eesti Metsnik OÜ’s sound foundation comes from our forest reserves, which are considered highly valuable for the company as raw forest materials have vast development potential.
We take great pride is sustainably managing our and our client’s forestland.


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Eesti Metsnik OÜ

Kuressaare office

Paju tn 19-11, Kuressaare 93810

Phone: (+372) 50 700 45


Tallinna office

Viru väljak 6-37, Viru Keskus, 7. korrus

Phone (+372) 50 84 116, (+372) 56 156 770


Reg. nr. 10815878

KMKR nr. EE101470762

IBAN: EE592200221051906987

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